Double Faceting Machine – Normal

Could use 8 inch or 6 inch lap for faceting and 10 inch or 8 inch or 6 inch lap for polishing. Both cutters could use both faceting and polishing laps at the same time. Table completely made with heavy thick steel plate on the table top and 1.5 inch heavy box iron or L-angle for frame.

Preform and Trim Saw Machine – Speed Control – Digital

Starting from sawing to sanding of a gem stone performed by this combo machine. Required a circular sawing blade and different preforming wheels for each step. Able to control the speed from 0 to 3000 rpm from the knob by 1 rpm deviation. Could hold the stone hardly even at 50 rpm.

Preform and Trim Saw Machine – Normal

Could use a sawing wheel or two preforming wheels that comes with a diamond grit on the outer edge of the wheel. Gemstones are directly hold to the wheel by hand and doesn’t required any tool. Normal Machine comes with three speeds of 720 rpm, 1440 rpm, and 3000 rpm.

Faceter (Hand Piece Machine)

Faceter does not connect to the machine and may quickly be lifted off the table for inspect the progress of work. Faceting methodology consists of cutting appropriate angles on the top and bottom of a gem stone. The cutting angle is adjusted vertically and rotationally.

Transfer jig

Transfer Jig required to move a gem stone from one dop stick to another without any error. This accurate transferring doing after complete the faceting or polishing of crown or pavilion cut of a gemstone. That dop stick already hold the stone, place on one side of the device and glue the gem stone in to another dop stick. Could use both keyed and non-keyed dop sticks.

Dop Sticks

Dop sticks use to hold the stone in to faceter. Adhesive wax, epoxy, or glue used to fix the stone in to dop stick. Comes with different sizes and with steel or brass material. Water resistant holder use to keep the dop sticks with or without stones. Leg balancer use to balance the faceter.