How Gem stone cutting faceting factory sri lanka

Faceting is most often done on transparent stones. Flat facets are cut over the entire surface of the stone, usually in a highly symmetrical pattern. The stone is doped (usually with adhesive wax, epoxy, or cyanoacrylate glue) on a metal dopstick, which is then inserted in a faceter that allows precise control of positioning. The cutting angle is adjusted vertically via a protractor and rotationally via an index gear. Faceter rests on a height adjustable table and distance between lap and table is easy adjusted by eccentric movement of the table. The table is easy raised or lowered by micrometer dial to allow the operator accurate control of the cutting depth. The facets are then ground, sanded on a rotating lap, while water or another liquid acts as a coolant and lubricant. When one side (top or bottom) of the stone is finished, a jig is used to transfer the stone to a dopstick on the opposite side.


How Gem Stone Polishing Factory Sri Lanka

After a gemstone is sawed and ground to the desired shape and sanded to remove rough marks left by coarser grits, it is usually polished to a mirror-like finish to aid light reflection from the surface of the stone (or refraction through the stone, in the case of transparent materials). Polishing removes small quantities of stone and can be used, especially when faceting small stones,to do ultra-fine shaping of the stone.


How Gem Stone design facet cut inspection europe

Hand Piece does not connected to the machine and may quickly be lifted off the table for inspect the progress of work.

Single Faceting Machine Types

1. Single Faceting Machine – Two Speed – Normal

Imahashi type single gem cut and polish machine

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2. Single Faceting Machine – Speed Control – Digital

Single Faceting Machine new auto how to facet ultratec facetron imahashi sterling gems and lapidary sterlinggemland

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3. Single Faceting Machine – Speed Control – Full Touch

Imahashi Hand piece automatic faceting machine

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Other accessories may required :

1. Faceter

2. Preforming/ Faceting/ polishing Laps

3. Dopstick – Brass and steel dopstick (Available with 4 shapes and different sizes)

4. Re-charging Roll

5. Adhesive wax, epoxy, or cyanoacrylate glue

6. Transfer jig

7. Polishing agents

Complete Set

Speed Control Hand Peice Faceting Machine